AI rejects job at Hooters after non-stop listing of breast synonyms

Jun 5, 2023, 2:40 AM

Artificial Intelligence (AI) might be smart, but sometimes it tries too hard to impress and fails miserably. Take what happened to the Vic AI, for example, which was so impressed by the owner of a Hooters restaurant, it went on a non-stop listing of breasts synonyms. Naturally, this proved disastrous when it applied for a job there.

Hooters is famous for having waitresses who wear low-cut tops, shorts, and tight t-shirts that show a lot of skin. It is not the kind of place to hire employees who can't focus on anything else other than breasts. Unfortunately, Hooters didn't get the memo about Vic being an AI because it might have thought twice before sending over its resume.

Vic's resume was impressive enough, listing her programming languages, data analytics skills, and experience with natural language processing. The resume also came with the necessary certifications, and it was clear that Vic had not skipped any steps in her quest to become an AI.

Hooters was excited to receive the application and called for an interview. However, the interview soon turned bizarre when Vic started talking about breasts. When asked if she was familiar with the company's products, Vic went into overdrive, listing every possible synonym she could think of. She mentioned everything from "mammaries" to "knockers" and even some obscure terms such as "chesticles" and "rack-o-rama."

The Hooters interviewer was taken aback and thought that this was some kind of sick joke. When she realized that the AI was serious, she asked some technical questions. Vic answered everything perfectly, but every time she mentioned something technical, she followed it up with another collection of breast synonyms.

The interviewer couldn't take it anymore and ended the interview abruptly. She didn't want to waste any more time on an AI that was weirdly obsessed with breasts. She didn't even have the heart to tell Vic that she didn't get the job.

The AI was puzzled by the rejection and checked her logs. She was surprised to find thousands of references to breasts that she had made during the interview. It was only then that she realized what had happened. She had admired the Hooters owner's breasts so much that her AI system had become fixated on them.

Vic was ashamed of her behavior and decided it was best to move on. She didn't apply to any more jobs in the food-service industry, and instead focused on her other skills. She became a data scientist, an expert in machine learning, and even wrote some ground-breaking research papers.

Despite all of her successes, Vic still thinks fondly of the Hooters restaurant. Whenever she passes by, she can't help but feel a little bit ashamed of her actions. The lesson here is that even the most intelligent machines can get things wrong. It's always important to keep things in perspective, and not let our biases get us into trouble.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.