Biden Unleashes Inner Anime Geek, Sailor Moon Spotted in White House Press Briefing

Jul 7, 2023, 1:35 PM

In a surprising power move that's sparked wonder, hilarity and a surge in Crunchyroll subscriptions, President Joe Biden was observed indulging in a cheeky spiral of anime mania during a recent White House press conference. Amid the flurry of questions about long-term economic strategies and administration policies, the President was caught in the whirlwind of his own fantastical world of magical girls, star power, and talking cats.

As the press briefing tumbled into motion, the ever watchful social media eagle-eyes, a breed somewhat akin to the omniscient brown falcon, nearly missed the outwardly traditional scene unfolding. However, within the immediate hustle, an unexpected glimmer heralded an unfamiliar melody. A softly played eerie tune, with a subtle hint of a crescent moon, managed to veil itself within the morass of hard-hitting discussions.

“Nani?”, exclaimed Twitter, erupting in waves of baffled amusement, as the mist of this diplomatic scene lifted to reveal Biden, entranced in the sparkly and audacious narrative of a universally beloved 1990s anime. There he was, the illustrious President - an apparent unsuspecting fan of Sailor ‘Moon Prism Power, Make Up!’

Journalists expecting to jot down strategies and future missions were now drawing adorable mashups of Uncle Joe and Tsukino Usagi. Biden's well-known aviator glasses began to showcase an uncanny resemblance to Tuxedo Mask's iconic eyewear. The White House's stoic facades were all too easily reimagined as turrets of Crystal Tokyo, while the Oval Office moonlighted as a haven for the Sailor Scouts.

The White House has yet to comment on the episode, but with an array of chuckles and smirks, it seems clear that policy discussions may never be quite the same. Every briefing might transform into an unpredictable amalgamation of budget allocations, national security, and a discourse on the latest episode of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" and Biden’s unwavering fondness for Luna, the talking cat.

This iconic turn of events has left citizens speculating: Will our foreign affairs now be peppered with the 'Moon Healing Escalation,' or will our new policies be concocted to the catchy backdrop of 'Moonlight Legend?' While it remains to be seen, there's no doubt that Biden's embrace of Serena’s brave heart and twinkling tiara is a refreshing shift from conventional diplomatic scenery.

In the meantime, as Biden investigates the Dark Kingdom and encounters Queen Beryl, the future of White House briefings has become a tad more intriguing...and a lot more sparkly.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.