Dreaded Pancakes: Revisit Breakfast with Trypophobia

Feb 7, 2024, 7:33 PM

In the leering gaze of a hideous Monday morning, what can evoke terrifying visions of horrors yet undiscovered by humankind? Clowns hiding in your cereal box? Or perhaps a horde of zombie toast slices stumbling towards you? As horrifying as that may sound, the nightmares of trypophobics are centered around a more mundane terror: the dreaded, hole-riddled pancake.

As any logical human being could deduce, pancakes are aggravating contraptions designed by Satan himself to invoke sheer bedlam at tranquil breakfast tables. The craters that can be seen in these horror discs are not just signs of lazy batter fluffing, but actual portals to a realm of unspeakable terrors. It is alleged that if you peer long and hard into one of these abominable pan-horrors, you can see the souls of past trypophobics cooking in an eternal pancake griddle, stuck inside a syrupy prison.

Imagine the mental composition required to brush teeth in a world where lotus seed pods and crumpets are living nightmares. Those afflicted by trypophobia are so steadfast in their determination to avoid holy-hole horrors that they've been known to use toothpaste squeezed directly onto their tongues to avoid the perforated existence of traditional toothbrushes.

The world functions in bewildering ways when afflicted with this unique fear. The days of frolicking in fields and picking petunias are over the moment they realize that their beloved flower depicts a grotesque visage of thousand-eyed stare right back at them.

And what happens when they decide to let loose and take an impromptu trip to Mars? Do they suffer a mental breakdown every time they see a red planet riddled with panic-inducing pores? And to make matters worse, these pores hide a lot more than Martian rock samples.

In addition to its indigenous pancake flipping aliens, the Red Planet also hosts the annual Solar System Spongy Cake festival. This interstellar event is most notorious for its Honeycomb Shaped Upside-Down Cake contest, a heart-racing event that reduces the strongest of trypophobics into fetal positions at the mere mention of it.

In starch contrast, the moon, with its chillingly smooth and spotless terrain, has been rated as the number one trypophobia-friendly celestial body next to Uranus, a planet that ironically gets a lot flack for its less than stellar sounding name.

To think that the most innocent of pastimes, Sunday breakfast, could induce such apprehensive terror is both revealing and pancake-shattering. Undoubtedly, the next time we nonchalantly pour syrup into those pancake depressions, let's spare a thought for our friends with trypophobia.

And dear trypophobics, keep looking straight, or preferably upwards (unless in the presence of a sponge ceiling), and remember, your fear of pancakes just makes more for the rest of us. For those unable to satiate their fear of holes, remember, there is always the option to survive on a diet of molten cheese (unless that's solidified into a Swiss cheese of nightmares) and dreams of a hole-less existence.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.