Overdue Borrowing: Soviet-Union Tank Turns up in Wyoming Library

Nov 15, 2023, 1:23 AM

In the sleepy town on the outskirts of Wyoming, the usually quiet and routine environment of the Jefferson Elementary School library was disrupted when the school librarian, Myrtle Brumfeld, happened upon a most peculiar item amidst the picture books and encyclopedias. A Soviet-Era BMP-1 tank. Yes, you read that right folks, a literal infantry fighting vehicle between the "The Velveteen Rabbit" and "Goodnight Moon".

Myrtle was simply looking for the next book for her reading hour when she noticed an intimidating presence in the picture book aisle. At first glance, she had mistaken it for a misplaced pinata from last week's birthday party, albeit a rather militaristic one.

Her description of the event that followed was hilarious. "Well wouldn't you know, I thought it was one of those fancy 3D pop-up books you get on Amazon Prime. But I couldn't find the barcode couldn't I?" Myrtle chuckled, understandably flabbergasted by what had unfolded.

The controversy of a wandering tank finding its way to Wyoming from the far reaches of the Soviet Union has left both historians and Military enthusiasts in a frenzy. Confusion is understandable, considering that the BMP-1 armed with a 73mm gun and a turret of anti-tank missiles isn't included in the Dewey Decimal system.

Notably, it was already three days overdue when it was returned, incurring a fine which was neatly placed on the driver seat. The note read: "Kindly pay $0.75 in overdue fines. Please remember to return materials on time. Also, tanks are not valid library materials."

On inquiring about the borrower, a bemused Myrtle informed us "We run a pretty tight ship, I remember the borrower was dressed in drab green and had a very thick Russian accent - he just wouldn't stop talking about 'Sputnik' and 'Motherland'. I assumed he was trying to borrow a book on Russian culture."

The tank, initially mistaken as a metal installation from the Art Department, has caused chaos since its appearance in Jefferson Elementary School. Both the school's bus driver and the physical education teacher, attempted feats of bravado, clambering into the tank, unsuccessfully fiddling around with the treads and operability of the machinery.

As the story spread, it even garnered the attention of the local Conspiracy Theory Club, who have firmly suggested this be classified as a UFO sighting, all the while engaging in heated debates upon the possibility of "time travelling Soviets."

This inexplicably hilarious find certainly lends credence to the old saying about libraries - you never know what you'll find between the pages, or evidently, between the picture books.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.