Rick Astley Farts and Confirms He's Still Alive

Jun 21, 2023, 1:05 PM

Pop legend Rick Astley has just confirmed that he's still alive after letting out a pungent fart during a recent interview. The ex-80s pop sensation reasoned that the best way to dispel rumors of his demise was to release a deadly gas and let everyone know he was still here.

"I heard that people were saying that I was dead, so I decided to let one rip to prove them wrong," Astley claims. "After that fart, there was no way anyone could think that I was dead."

To everyone's surprise, Astley broke out into song after the gas was released, crooning his smash hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" - a fitting nod to his infamous rick-roll meme that has been atop the charts for over a decade.

Astley's belch couldn't have come at a better time, as fans were worried he might be felled by the same fate that had previously befallen David Bowie and Prince. As events proved, Rick's fart was more than potent enough to conquer death and perpetuate his legacy.

"I'm here to stay, folks," Astley told reporters, his fist defiantly in the air. "And I promise that I'm never gonna let you down."

Despite the musician's confidence in his longevity, some fans remain skeptical that future flatulence will be enough to keep him out of the reaper's clutches. Still, supporters of the pint-sized performer rallied online, with many taking to social media to sing the praises of Rick's odiferous displays.

Meanwhile, Astley enthusiasts have taken to Reddit and other online forums to debate the potential human health benefits of the musician's flatulence. As one poster noted, "I bet that fart had some serious medicinal properties - maybe it'll cure cancer?"

Despite the absurdity of these claims, Rick Astley's legacy continues to endure, with fans of every generation letting it be known that the pop star is more than just a one-hit wonder. With millions of followers eagerly anticipating his next musical or gustatory move, it's clear that Rick Astley isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.