Shaquille O'Neal Discovered to be Three Kids in a Trench Coat

Jun 8, 2023, 1:34 PM

It's the news that has rocked the NBA world - Shaquille O'Neal, the giant of the basketball court, has been exposed as nothing more than three small children stacked on top of each other inside a trench coat.

For years, fans, journalists and fellow players had been in awe of Shaq's incredible height and skill on the court. But it seems that the illusion was shattered when, during a particularly heated game, one of the children lost their footing and began to tumble.

It was then that the crowd caught a glimpse of what was really going on - beneath the baggy trousers and massive sneakers lay three pairs of spindly legs, topped by three tiny torsos.

The basketball world was understandably stunned by the revelation, with some wondering how the children had managed to keep up the charade for as long as they did.

"They must have been incredibly skilled at working together," said one commentator. "To move so fluidly and convincingly as one person, that takes serious talent."

But the truth is that the trio have been practicing for years, honing their skills in local talent shows and amateur puppetry contests. Now that their secret is out, they plan to take their skills to the next level by launching a touring puppetry show.

"Of course we'll miss basketball," said the middle child, who often played the role of Shaq's powerful arms. "But puppetry has always been our true passion. And now that we're finally able to reveal our true selves, the sky's the limit."

As news of the revelation spread, social media was flooded with memes and jokes about "Shaquille O'Three Kids", with many fans expressing shock that they hadn't noticed the deception earlier.

"I always just thought he was really good at balancing," quipped one Twitter user.

Others suggested that the trio's retirement from basketball could lead to other revelations in the sports world.

"Who knows how many other players are secretly just multiple children stacked on top of each other," wondered a Redditor.

For now, though, all eyes are on the three children who managed to fool the world and inspire a new generation of puppeteers. Who knows what heights they'll be able to reach now that they no longer have to hide beneath a seven-foot-tall facade?

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.