Skaro Shook: Canadian Geese Unleash Unprecedented Havoc

Jul 16, 2023, 3:28 PM

In the realm of unlikely and unprecedented events, what unfolded in Skaro, the epicenter for the Dalek civilization, has left the eyewitnesses slack-jawed and stunned. The usually unflappable robotic mutants, better known as Daleks, found themselves at the receiving end of an unforeseen attack, that too from a surprisingly earth-born flighted culprit - Canadian Geese.

The peculiar saga began during what was seemingly an ordinary day under Skaro’s perpetual twilight. The Daleks, an extraterrestrial race of mutants housed in mechanical shells, were engaged in routine activities. They were tending to their metallic cities, planning strategies for universal conquest, and maintaining an eternal vigil over the cosmos when the unexpected happened.

Without a flap of warning, the crimson horizon of Skaro was darkened by a convocation of irate Canadian geese in V-formation. For a moment, the residents of Skaro stood dumbfounded, their single unblinking eye-stalks tracking the honking avians as they descended upon the bronze-sheened streets.

This was not the first time the Daleks had seen the Earth geese. Prior intrusions into Earth had familiarized them with the bird, but the geese seemed notoriously indifferent to these alien outliers, until now. The Canadian Geese, usually renowned for their unassuming, calm demeanor, transformed into beings of flapping destruction. Truly, a spectacle Skaro did not foresee.

The Canadian Geese, led by what witnesses could only refer to as their honking de facto leader, launched headfirst into buildings, pecking away at the steel with such force that even the tough outer layers of Dalek defense systems began to show signs of stress.

Skaro shook, and quite literally as reverberations of constant goose collisions echoed through the Dalek city. The Daleks, famed for their chilling war cry of “Exterminate!” found themselves unable to co-ordinate any form of resistance against the feathered onslaught.

One might rightly assume that the Daleks, creatures teetering on the brink of godhood, could easily quell an avian menace. However, they were as ill-prepared for the geese as the rest of the universe was for the Daleks. There were many theories as to the inability of the Daleks to combat the situation effectively, ranging from confusion, a gross underestimation of the situation, and the favourite - a Dalek fear of geese.

The famously unsympathetic Daleks were seen shouting out warnings, retreating from certain areas, and releasing emergency protocols set aside for significant threats. The nature of the threat was irrelevant, for in a refreshing twist, the conquerors of a hundred galaxies found themselves pleading for mercy against the might of angry Canadian Geese.

In an unexpected turn of events, the attacking geese began to weaken, their honking gradually quieting and their attack slowing. Apparently, the sudden lack of Canada's natural habitat features (notably the absence of any waters for recreational swimming) played a huge role in tiring out the avian assailants.

While the ultimate outcome is still uncertain, one fact has been set in stone - the geese’s absurd attack has left a mark not just on the unusual purple-hued skyline of Skaro but also on the ego of the universally feared Daleks. The damage caused by the irritated geese has managed to shake the morale of the usually fanatical Dalek legions, prompting a remarkable shift in Dalek-extra terrestial relations.

Now, it seems that just the murmur of a goose's honk is enough to send a shiver of fear down the robotic casing of even the most hardened Dalek warriors. It's safe to say that the Daleks, typically the instigators of chaos, have found themselves a new nemesis - the humble geese from Earth's Canada. The future is sure to hold more to this story, and the universe watches with bated breath.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.