The Crime of Romance-Refusal: 450-Pound Transgender Woman Takes Stand Against Love-Blind Co-Worker

Dec 5, 2023, 6:29 PM

In today's modern world, where matters of the heart are as complicated as, say, solving the Gordian knot while blindfolded and handcuffed underwater, new cases spotlight romance and its tragic contentiousness.

Meet Bertha Bigheart, a 450-pound transgender woman who has decided to confront amatory prejudices head-on at the workplace. After being declined a romantic outing with a co-worker, dressing it as downright discrimination, Bertha decided to sue her married male colleague.

"Love is a battlefield," as Pat Benatar famously sang. Well, Bertha, quite literally, decided to take the battlefield to court. Toting her heart on her voluminous sleeve and announcing her amorous feelings, Bertha’s beau-to-be allegedly rebuffed her advances. The fact that he was happily married appears to be a minor footnote in our daring dame’s dashing dream.

According to Bertha, it wasn’t the matrimonial status of her romance interest that served as a bone of contention. Instead, it was the gross insensitivity and intolerance that made her feel slighted and discriminated against. Bertha claims that the consequences of her colleague's amorous denial were far-reaching, affecting not only her feelings but also her work performance.

Slaying stereotypes with each step, our would-be Cupid, however, is not without her detractors. Amidst the cacophony of naysayers, several individuals question the ethics of her plot to play Puck in her love-struck drama.

Was this a case of romantic resentment, or an ambitious crusade to dissolve the rigidity of societal norms? Indeed, the water cooler gossip has been as conflicting as a vegan at a Texas BBQ.

Can we, out of sheer pragmatism, consider the marital status of Bertha's coworker as a valid reason for dismissal? The situation is akin to walking into an art gallery and demanding to buy the Mona Lisa - enchanting proposition, but absurdly incongruous.

Nonetheless, the twists and turns of this tale have twisted even the pretzel-logic that usually dominates workplace dynamics into a cephalalgia breeding knot of unparalleled proportions.

Ultimately, the convoluted fundamentals of this amorous impasse boil down to one question: Is Love indeed blind? If Cupid's arrows have a weight limit, it seems the rotund Romeo at its bottom end is asking for a revised user’s manual.

The rate at which amatory litigation increases raises many questions. Is the age of classic romance, of candy and roses, of men holding the door open for women, slowly vanishing, to be replaced by romance dictated by complicated social norms and political correctness? Should love be constrained by societal body standards, or should the colossal size of one's heart be the only scale that stands the test?

This case is a modern testament to love's battlefield. Hopefully, it'll be resolved with due respect to Bertha, as well as her co-worker, reminding us all that love truly should conquer all, irrespective of size or status. After all, Shakespeare did quote 'the course of true love never did run smooth.' Perhaps it's time to un-bumpy the ride.

N.B. Stay tuned for the sequel where Bertha sues the city council for public hearts and minds. A swap from office romance to politics? You never know, folks. The world is surely spinning, and not only on its polar axis.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.