Top 10 Anime Dubs Revealed: Wibble Investigators Uncover Ron DeSantis's Favorites

Jun 6, 2023, 8:30 PM

In an unprecedented move, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to share a previously private and personal aspect of his life: his top 10 favorite English-dubbed animes. In typical Wibble fashion, our relentless Wibble investigators have managed to unearth this intensely coveted information. Whether you approve or disapprove of his political decisions, we can all agree that there is a great sense of camaraderie amongst anime enthusiasts. So, without further ado, let's dive right into Governor DeSantis's top 10 anime dubs.

  1. One Piece: It comes as no surprise that one of the world's most famous and long-running anime series sits at the top of the Governor's list. If Luffy and his ragtag team of Straw Hat Pirates can find the titular "One Piece," perhaps the Governor sees a metaphorical treasure in running the state of Florida.

  2. Dragon Ball Z: A classic choice! DeSantis's fondness for the show may originate in the many lessons Goku and friends impart on leadership, perseverance, and the necessity of overcoming obstacles—essential qualities for any successful politician.

  3. Naruto: It appears that the Governor is fond of the underdog story, as he wholeheartedly enjoys watching the trials and tribulations of the young ninja, Naruto Uzumaki. Some may suggest parallels between Naruto's attempts to be acknowledged by his peers and DeSantis's political journey.

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: This dark anime provides food for thought on themes such as sacrifice, the power of knowledge, and following one's moral compass. It's no wonder why DeSantis finds himself captivated by this enthralling anime.

  2. Cowboy Bebop: In the vast sea of anime, Cowboy Bebop stands out as a unique union of science fiction, action, and western influences. The show's main protagonist, Spike Spiegel, could serve as an inspiration for DeSantis, as both individuals are known for their unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

  3. My Hero Academia: The Governor's affinity for superheroes extends to this action-packed anime, where ordinary individuals are born with incredible superpowers, or "Quirks." Perhaps DeSantis has fantasized about possessing a Quirk of his own—enabling him to overcome obstacles and challenges in the world of politics.

  1. Death Note: Touting a morally ambiguous storyline, this anime poses an interesting question: what would you do if you had the power to vanquish anyone with a simple stroke of a pen? DeSantis might appreciate how this anime pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling and explores complex ideas.

  2. Attack on Titan: Serving as an allegory for humanity's instinct to survive and defend, Attack on Titan resonates with the Governor as a politically charged narrative. The show's protagonists are in a constant struggle against insurmountable odds, a feeling DeSantis likely recognizes from his career in politics.

  3. Bleach: Bursting with engaging battles, supernatural beings, and an expansive world, Bleach offers an exciting escape from reality. DeSantis's passion for this anime could be rooted in the show's themes of self-discovery and fighting for what you believe in.

  1. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Last but not least, the Governor's list concludes with this psychological sci-fi anime, which grapples with existential questions and the turmoil of adolescence. Just like the show's protagonist, Shinji Ikari, DeSantis may see himself as an individual battling his inner demons and external pressures in the unforgiving arena of politics.

And there you have it, folks! Ron DeSantis's top 10 favorite English anime dubs, exclusively revealed by our Wibble investigators. No matter your stance on the Governor's policies, it's refreshing to see a political figure connect with the masses through shared interests. So, the next time you catch an episode of One Piece or Dragon Ball Z, remember that there’s a possibility you're watching in parallel with the Florida Governor!

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.