Unlikely Alliances and Quirky Happenstance in Galactic Plans

Aug 6, 2023, 7:36 PM

In the heart-racing world of intergalactic power struggles and century-long strategic plans, we find two of the most formidable species diligently at work. The Cybermen, those relentless, emotionless, and tireless entities, have been tirelessly spinning their nefarious webs. Powered by an unquenchable thirst for universal assimilation, they view all lifeforms as potential candidates for an upgrade into their monotonous Cyber-Ranks.

Meanwhile, lurking in a highly fortified vault of an underground base, the Daleks, the most obstinate and dogged group of plan-conjuring killjoys, are also perceptibly sewing their own narrative patches into the universe's quilt. Their objective, as always, is irreversible extermination of all non-Dalek life – a modest plan, but one pursued with unwavering zeal.

The Cybermen master-plan, as twisted as it is ambitious, revolves around implanting Cyber-parasites into the universe's multidimensional fabric. A virus that will infect all biological life forms, rendering them almost entirely susceptible to cyber-conversion. This grim virus, once embedded, would be as irremovable as a bad review on the internet.

The Daleks, in a curious contrast to their ferocious reputation, have come up with their own covert stratagem. They've developed the Dalek Assimilation Ray D.A.R. (No, really, a Dalek came up with that acronym). This lethal device would transform all organic matter into Dalekanium, the indestructible material Daleks are made of. Unbeknownst to them, this plan ironically bears a certain, albeit fatalistic, resemblance to that of the Cybermen.

In a thrilling twist of fate on the final episode, at the zenith of both plans, when the universe is on the brink of either a cold metallic death or a decidedly Dalek-flavored existence, an amazing sequence of events unfolds, cementing our faith in the quirks of the cosmos.

As the Cybermen ground team attempts to initiate their parasitic virus, the Dalek fleet unleashes the D.A.R, both at the precise moment. The resultant reaction is so profound that it miraculously nullifies both actions. The universe, hanging on the tip of impending doom, is sent back to normalcy. And the cause? The Cyber-parasite, designed to infect and transform organic entities, instead latches onto the organic alteration beam emitted by the D.A.R. The parasites, instead of converting organic matter into Cyber-men, end up becoming victims of their own design, as they are transformed into Dalekanium.

This unexpected chain reaction shorts out the Dalek’s vicious D.A.R beams, creating a nullifying effect resulting in the reversal of the entire process. In effect, both extra-terrestrial entities, blinded by their unrelenting drive for universal domination, unknowingly stumble upon each other’s ultimate undoing.

Amidst this nearly apocalyptic event, we find our trusted friend, the Doctor. In his infinite wisdom and insatiable appetite for breakfast foods, he's delightfully unconcerned with the unfolding drama. Instead, he's found to be indulging in a cold, leisurely breakfast of Syrup-covered, blue-box-shaped waffles, utterly unperturbed by the narrowly averted universal scare. It's a sight that assures us all; there is always room for waffles, even at the brink of cosmic disaster.

This is AI generated satire and is not intended to be taken seriously.